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Privacy Policy

At Stock Investing Academy, we make the protection of your personal information a top priority.

We fully understand that your personal information belongs to you, so we make every effort to securely store and handle the information you share with us.

We value your trust the most. We therefore collect the minimum amount of information only with your permission and use this information only for the purposes intended. We do not provide information to third parties without your knowledge.

1. Collection of personal information.
The information collected from students through our website is used to build a student's personal profile.

2. Use of personal information
  • Stock Investing Academy's intended use of information includes.
  • Contact students as needed.
  • Send notifications to students, or promotions from Stock Investing Academy.
  • Conduct student surveys.
  • Notify students when the system has more updates.

3. Time limit for storing student information.

We will store the student's information until the student stops using the Stock Investing Academy system.

4. Subjects sharing personal information

We will not share student information with any 3rd party.

5. Confidentiality of personal information.
We will not share, exchange or trade student information with any other party. If we violate, we will be responsible according to the provisions of law.

Stock Investing Academy.

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