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Terms of Service

Do not interfere with Stock Investing Academy courses in any way. If violated, the account will be deleted or prosecuted in accordance with the law.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate or promote any activity that interferes with, destroys or infiltrates the data of the keys of Stock Investing Academy.

It is strictly forbidden to use the same account. If we detect that you are using the same account, we will take action to close the account without notice.

Do not engage in any unauthorized login attempts or attempt to log in or cause damage to Stock Investing Academy's servers. All of these acts are considered acts of destruction of other people's property and will be stripped of all rights to the account and will be prosecuted before the law if necessary.

When detecting violations such as copyright infringement, or other violations of regulations, Stock Investing Academy has the right to use the information that students provide when registering an account to transfer to the authorities for resolution. according to regulations of the Law.

Stock Investing Academy reserves the right to delete, correct or change a student's data and account information in cases where he or she violates the above provisions without the consent of the user.

Stock Investing Academy may change, add or amend this agreement at any time and will make it available on the Stock Investing Academy website or other official communication channels.

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